Sunday Intermediate/Advanced Group Ride at The Bike Rack, February 17

Date: February 17, 2019

Time: 8:30 am

Our Sunday Intermediate Ride is a 40-mile, moderately paced ride (16 to 18 mph avg) that emphasizes group riding techniques. Those new to group riding are welcome as we re-group throughout the ride so that nobody is left behind. This is a pure GROUP road ride and we try to maintain and sustain the group throughout the 40 mile course. If the group is too large we will split it up into smaller groups at the start for safety reasons. It is recommended that you have a road bike, a flat kit and hydration.

It is mandatory that your bike is in good working condition and you wear a helmet. For those who want something a bit more aggressive, our Sunday Advanced Ride is a longer (60+) and more intense ride. Eligibility for this ride requires that you demonstrate above average bike handling skills and the ability to hold an 18 to 20 mph average.

We meet at the shop at 8:30 and the ride departs by 8:45. We will cancel the ride when the roads are not safe to ride. Consider joining our discussion group for news and updates on our rides. Come out and join us, we look forward to seeing you! Check out the 40 mile or 60 mile route.

The Bike Rack
1412 Q St NW
Washington, DC 20009


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